@KatrinaSaville On location with these rad troopers. Day 4 of 7, 515. @MattMurray28 busted a few moves today. Stay tuned y’all.

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that makes no sense.

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Wait, lemme pause this episode of Rookie Blue and go shopping.

for fucking pete’s fucking sake. this is the police department, not the damn milan runway where you’re strutting ‘em goods

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Gail and Steve Peck | “I helped somebody.”

5x03 || 5x09

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Rookie Blue 509: Moving Day behind the scenes photos [x]

"Right. I’m sorry. You don’t have a family and I know and normally I mean to be insensitive, but I didn’t actually mean it that time."
Gail Peck (5x09)

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Just in case anyone is confused about what Queerbaiting actually is:





Rizzoli and Isles: Queerbaiting

Rookie Blue: Not queerbaiting

Supernatural: Queerbaiting

Rookie Blue: Not queerbaiting

Once Upon A Time: Queerbaiting

Rookie Blue: Still not queerbaiting

avid golly shipper telling you that your ship going through the ringer does not mean the show is baiting you just means the show is treating your character like an actual fucking character

Wait…are people actually saying they were queerbaiting? Yeah they’ve trampled all over my little gay distracted heart…but are people actually saying it’s queerbaiting?

Some people seem to be upset at the lack of Gail and Holly interaction and have mentioned or alluded to the show just trying to bring in LGBT viewers. I think a lot of them are the same people who are saying they’re losing interest in the show due to a lack of Gail and Holly in recent episodes.

If anyone is (still) confused about what queerbaiting is, here is a blatant example of such.

Just to touch upon what onetownthatwontletyoudown wrote regarding people seem to be upset at the lack of Gail and Holly interaction, this is the exact reason why it is not queerbaiting.

Gail Peck’s storyline has always been about her evolving and slowly yet surely shedding her Season One “snarky, cold, non-feeling bitch” persona that she’s crafted and has been projected onto her by her fellow rookies, superior officers, and past love interests to a person who shows her emotions, shares her feelings, and actively wants to be a better human. Gail Peck’s storyline has never been solely about her liking the ladies or specifically Holly Stewart. Holly’s appearance in Gail’s life and their eventual relationship happen to be two of many vehicles that prompted Gail to realize she actually wants to change. As she explicitly stated, being with Holly is different and it makes her feel different; all of which adheres to the theme of Gail evolving as a character. Gail is a complex individual. To just simply reduce her down to her relationship with Holly is a disservice to character and shows a lack of recognition her character development over the five seasons.

Now, if you’re really into queerbaiting, it would be parading Gail and Holly around all the interrogation rooms engaging in mindless gratuitous make out sessions and then inexplicably have Holly drop from the face of Earth never to be heard from again. Or another queerbaiting method would be to give the pretense Gail and Holly were actually an item but instead passing them off as close friends. Or just refer to any of the listed shows mentioned above.

-Can we get drunk tonight?
-Oh, yeah. It’s mandatory.

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Gail Peck reacting to Gail Peck how I react to Gail Peck.

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july 23, 2014 : dusk views

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